Friday, January 1, 2010


Its January the 1st of 2010,

Well, let me see. Most of us had witnessed momentious ceremonies, countdowns or whatsoever celebration that welcomes the year 2010 which replaces yesterday's 2009. Some even has started writing their own resolutions, to change themselves for better. For me, as undecisive as i am, I don't always look up for those high expectations on things even if it means to instill good morals or attitude for myself. Let me just make this way, those things are random and they will keep on changing no matter what, it's all up to us to judge our self on these littlest things. Sometimes, some facts teaches me that changes are often good but do we really have the guts to transforms our own self, who we were yesterdays to become who we are for tomorrows, to forbids our self from returning to our old habits, what we used to do or who we used to be. Changes are a big word for me to describe. A slight changes we made may lead us to a lot of new things that awaits. Some may turn our lives upside-down for a good course or perhaps, happiness but some may also causes massive destruction. The one thing that even-out the difference between the goods and the bads on this "changes" matter is that it gives us a life changing experience. Yeah, sounds huge ain't it? that's a fact I discovered. 2009 marks thousands of memories in our lives. Good or bad, its something we've experienced and sure to value in advance. I'm always hoping for the best in lives ahead, hoping to leave behind everything bad that ever happens to me. Good luck 2010!

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