Friday, April 15, 2011

Oh hey, you're growing old.

Hello. What's up?
    So, I've been thinking of things that had been evolving silently around me. Things that I had never thought of happening. Things that gave me the lessons of life to keep me going strong, to support every each day that passes me by. And yes,  I'm still learning to accept it the way it is. The way God had stated is to be like.

   At some point of my life, I took my own time to contemplates about things that I've been going through for the pass 16 years, the age of my breathing. I know most people would recognize their contemplations in their very own ways. They would have their own moments to think about live, how had they painted them. Being pretty occupied with these painting job, did they ever try to turn and take a look at the picture they've came out with? how did the picture turns out to be? The word good or bad doesn't define your master piece. Its how you, yourself view it, is the matter that counts.

   Now, trekking down old memories sometimes put me in tears.There were joys too back then which are just priceless to forget. First I was 13,  trying to be the coolest. And then came 14, things get a little more exciting with boyfriends. Soon, came 15, I was struggling with PMR but managed to keep my balance with my inevitable social stuffs, after that 16, the happiest year to date as it was the most astounding, memorable and just too much too tell. I just love being 16, surrounded with the most awesome people, so yeah, back on track, I'm turning 17 in less than a month now. Its the perfect time to think back about what has been going on these past years. I had my favorite teachers, schoolmates, classmates, boyfriends, friends, best friends and now, cliques. I can't tell for how much these things had been affecting my life in a way, but it does. In fact, it had affected my whole life, playing its respective parts in shaping my life perfectly as it should be.

    For years, I've been wondering how growing matured would be like and now, I'm pretty much capable of capturing the essence of it. I've dealt with situations differently than I had, years ago. I've becoming wiser and I took charge of the decisions that I made. So these are the littlest things that I'm proud of. Never in whole life had I wanted to lose these precious moments, let alone erasing it from my thoughts. But for me, repeating it would not be an option. Its perfect the way it is and I wouldn't want to change even the darkest part of it for it had given me a life time lesson.

   Right now, I'm hoping for the best in life despite the fact that you wouldn't know or wouldn't wanna know how it'd perpetuates later on. My best advice is to appreciate whatever you had been granted with and make the best out of it.