Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Well Hey. For some reasons, I had just discovered the fact that I actually love writing. Its the only way I could express everything. I'm too terrible at communicating, speaking with people I don't really, well, close with (makes me feel too awkward) and I don't actually share things with anyone. Secretive things that are too complecated to share. I mean, first and foremost, if i do share things then I have to explain to that very person (which well the second thing I'm too terrible at) the kind of situation I am in. Second, if i do explain it to them, I'll get somekind kind of reaction that I was'nt expecting and soon, when I try to explain it again and again, things get screwed up and everyone gets the wrong idea. So, that pretty much proves to me, and all, that things like that should just stay in words. Well, I don't ever see anything wrong with that, aite? I'd write when I'm in the saddest state that I could possibly be and I'd  write when I'm all high and happy. So all I can say here is, writing is somehow, part of me. Part of what I like to do, part of who I'm truly is deep down inside. I might not going to be impeccable with words, well I'm using the simplest form of it so it wont get all crappy and hopefully, it'll be understandable. So yeah, writing to me equals to speaking or communicating which I'd fully prefer it that way. Just look at it from the bright side, I can actually avoid eye-contacts with people and being in the most awkward situation ever! that's suicide! (well, it is to me). It is obviously, obvious that I'm experiencing the low-self-esteem-syndrome (something I hate). It took all my confidence away as you all can see. I can't speak in public, looking people deep in the eyes, response to them well and umm, I can't racked my brain for anything much right now but I can assure you that there's a thousands reasons for it. Apparently, when your brains are progressing and your fingers are moving through words you can't express, you'll be bless with your ability to actually write. At least, that's pretty much what I've experienced myself. I mean, I don't actually trust a person for things to share, but I will, and always, trust myself on writing.

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