Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hey, its been a while since I last post just about anything here. So okay, my days had been going on just fine, Alhamdulillah. I did'nt get out of the house since forever and that keeps me out of any sort of trouble and I'm gratefully glad of it. So yeah, yesterday, I did something fun, I baked! yeay! Well, it's pretty much something I enjoy doing, I mean, its part of cooking too which I love so much. Actually, I'm not that good at cooking but a friend had once told me, "cooking is always about trying". So yeah, I've tried mixing up things in my cooking before, and luckily for me, it did'nt sucks that much (that's what my tastebuds told me) as far as i concern. Alright, back to the baking story. Yesterday, I've made my first attempt on cupcakes baking. It was hell of a fun for me as I always wanted to try baking cupcakes before. Apparently, 'youtube' has been a great help for me in this whole cupcakes thing. I can't really emphasized on much detail here because, well, maybe there's just a little something-something that I can't share. I'd love to, but sadly, I can't. Anyway, I woke up very early yesterday, at 6 something i guess. I bathe, and went online while waiting for a friend whom I need to borrow a very helpful oven from. Then, as the day starts to brighten up and while the sun brightly shines, she arrives at around 10 am. We unload some stuffs from her car and head straight to my kitchen. I sort things out first then went to take a brief rest while waiting for 'zuhur'. Soon, I prayed and went back to the kitchen to start baking. I followed every each of the procedures stated and started mixing up the ingredients and while that happens, I've forgotten one thing, to buy the vital ingredients for the cupcakes, the eggs. So then, I ended up running to the groceries store in front of my house to get the eggs. Clumsy huh? that's what I thought. Back to the story, after mixing some dry and wet ingredients using a mixer, I scooped out the mixture and place it into the cups. Soon, I placed the 3/4 mixture filled-cups into the preheated oven and wait for it to bake. When it was fully baked, I took it out of the oven and started decorating (the fun part of all). Using two packed of ready made, 'Betty Crocker Kitchen's Vanilla Icing' mixed with drops of colorings,  the cupcakes soon turns into vibrant colors. I also decorated it with some chocolate chips, m&ms and  some decorating stuffs. It was well, a memorable experience for me though, my first try out on cupcakes. I will surely looking foward to bake some more in the future. Perhaps with some friends. That's it, byebye :)



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