Thursday, December 3, 2009

Rise and Shine

Good morning! Ohh woaw, I'm so glad to could have finally say that after a few months of snoozing and waking up late which did'nt give me the opportunities to unveil that greeting word. Well, that's pretty much an achievement for me as I had successfully prevent myself from snoozing till noon. Its already 8.22 am (i woke up much earlier than that) and I'm stuck with nothing to do, great. Maybe I should just prepare some sort of plans to organize my un-active activities for the rest of the day. Alright, first, get a shower! (sure), second, I'm thinking about going to the saloon (its been a while though since my last visit) third, I'm thinking about going to my mother's friend, teacher Amani's wedding (which turns out to be my science teacher who transfers to my mother's school and yes, my mother's is a school teacher) huh, small world ain't it? So anyway, the forth thing would be.. well I have'nt actually thought of anything in particular just yet but whatever, screw it. I was just planning anyway and trust me, things that I've planned never really works well. Ironicly, there's always unevitable flaws to that very plan *sigh.

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