Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secret's Out!

Hello, weehee.

I gotta say, today is a bless for I've finally opened up to a friend about this thing I've kept to myself for way to long. And I meant wayy wayy to long. It wasn't that hard after all. Well, not really.

The 'incident' occurred when were talking and chit chatting while waiting (geesh, that somehow rhymes. In a not so familiar way) for our additional mathematics class. I somehow had that sudden urge to just open up to her, I don't know where that 'urge' really resurfaced from, it just did. Odd enough. So yeah, at first it was really really hard. I was laughing and giggling and shaking(shaking?) the whole time. I told her " Omg Tee, I'm soo scared. I've never told anyone just yet. Like ever." and she was like "Alah, bagitau jelah. You've been keeping this for too long." and then, I've decided to use the safest way which is... to let her guess. That works though, she somehow had suspected it for too long (shame on me, I was trying hard to conceal it from people) and I'm super glad that the thing I was uttering is indeed, understandable. Well, at least to her. For now, I've once again really really had learn my lesson. No matter how bad it is, you gotta have faith on your friend. I had mine and the time was perfect, I couldn't be more thankful. I gotta tell you, it feels soo good and looking back at these things later, you're gonna appreciate it more. I know I will :D

So my credits are reserves for you Tee, thanks for listening.

Prefect's Camp!

HELLO! HELLO! OMG! I just got back from the prefect punya camp and I'm immensely excited! wohhoo!
So okay, I'm gonna start elaborating the whole thing that I had encountered with at the camp.

Day 1,
We were given a talk on leadership skills. Yeah you heard me, LEADERSHIP, and as expected, it was a long hours of boredness. But then, without the talk, the prefect's camp would not meet its purpose. So yeah, looking at it now, rugi jugak if we missed out on the ceramah. Pretty glad I paid my full attention to the speaker. Then after the talk ended, we check-in our hostel. So we went, pasang cadar and stuffs, took our baths and gather at the dining hall to have our dinner, then we went for solat jemaah at the surau. That night, we gathered again at the dining hall and there were a little briefing on the schedule.

Day 2
We woke up at 4.30++am as we didn't want to berebut later with the girls to take our baths. And I'm pretty glad we woke up that early even though we slept really late the night before. After that, we went to the surau for subuh prayer. It was kinda funny to see the girls sleeping during the tazkirah pagi, I understand, it was tiring and the talk just couldn't get any longer. There was this morning exercise afterwards and  we went for breakfast. Soon, the first agenda of  the day started which is this talk about communication skills and other stuffs. We were introduced to 9 facilitators all from UMT and had some sort of games later on before the dudes went for the Friday prayer. The girls went back to respective dorms, and had a little rest. We gathered back at the hall for other activities that was scheduled for us and also had this game 'Kembara Pemimpin' which is the main highlight of the day. It was super awesome as I hardly had camps before and what had made the game much much more interesting is that there were this cute guy. Like Omg, comelnyaa! haha. So that night, we had our last agenda of the day,  the 'Malam Kebudayaan' thing. It was well, partially boring to be frank. It made us stayed up too late and we were super sleepy. Thank god it actually ended.

Day 3
Excited! we're going back home! wohoo! So once again as scheduled, we had this closing ceremony to ceremonise? everything. yeah. We had that thing and went for lunch. At lunch, Omg this cute guy was there with his friend. I was about to take my not-so-last bite of rice when the dudes came in. I'm like so excited that I asked my friend to take another piece of watermelon for me so that I could stay there longer. hehe *winks.
So as we were gossiping and almost flirting, the dude somehow macam perasan that we were eye-ing him all these while. I'm like malu gilaa  and was blushing like crazy, Aaaaa! :O Kitaorang went out instantly then out of nowhere, I've accidently bumped into his friend, like seriously bumped into his friend(should've been him *sigh -_-) He had a little laugh after that. That's when I suffered another embarrassment , haishh.

Everything went smooth, Alhamdulillah. I had my experiences in handling this and that as well as making new friends. Those days were pure exhaustion , but I sure had benefit a lot from it. Thanks to those who had been responsible in making this camp a success to me :D