Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I'm currently in need of a little writing for something had driven me to this.
and worst,
I CANT sleep. ARGHH!

Hello people,
So yeah, that was quite an odd starter, for a strongly civilized people.
I've been thinking lately. Well actually, contemplates. On the scenarios that's precariously evolved around me. I might be stressed, but I can't be sure. Because sometimes, we're misjudged by the superficial. The actual thing is, I am tired. Tired of thinking on ways to shift my unneeded thoughts to something else, to please people everywhere and to search for the uncertainty. I'm just immensely exhausted. Would these things lead me somewhere? to a better path? because I am desperately in search of happiness which is of course, should be thoroughly understand and properly defined.

Good Night.

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