Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Matriculation (some part of it)

Today marks the 2 weeks and 1 day period of me being here, stuck with millions and tons of assignments/things to settle. but hey, look at me! I'm blogging, like seriously? this is the first time I'm going online in this rather, 'different' environment.

So yeah,
matriculation PST-1 year program (batch 2012/2013)
*second batch for the newly updated syllabus.

Right now, I'm not sure I have much to say.
I mean it has only been 2 weeks anyway and orientation has passed, thankfully I survived.
that leaves me with a whole year to go, which I wasn't expecting 2012/2013 to be the best year,
frankly speaking, I've not been adapting well here,
I miss everything that's been isolated from me.
My bed, tv shows (grey's anatomy, bones; etc) going online freely, fresh,clean laundry,
driving and most definitely,
the ENVIRONMENT that I feel save in.

I'll get back to this later I guess. I do have a lot to share but, I'm not at the right time, in the right moment of doing these things. So okay, to be continued..

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