Friday, January 8, 2010

A boring day

Helloo, So today, I did nothing fun. Yup, I went out with my family in the evening and watched my brothers playing, cheering and having fun playing the playground thing. Until one of them fell and got mud stuck all over his face, hair, tee and jeans. Good thing, he did'nt whine so I'm guessing that's a good thing(of course it is, what am i saying). Yeah, okay I was planning to go out with Tee and a couple of friends today. Unfortunately, none of them can make it so that's the exact point why today is not a fun day for me(we'll get back on this one tomorrow). Well, let me just think of something right to say, I think I've experienced something I kinda like lately. I got over some tough problems and had fun with my friends. Ouhh, I make new friends too :) So yesterday, my friends went to this big birthday bash. It's one of my girlfriend sweet 16 actually and so, everyone went and had fun. Accept for me, I did'nt go based on various personal reasons of mine. I don't ever think I'll go to anymore party after this. I started hating it now. Ouch, I know. I hate talking about party so moving on, I met this one person (let's not emphasis much on the gender), yeah, well this one person really brings back the cheer in me which I've lost for a quite a while. This one person is someone I love to have fun with, to share the laughter and sadness I guess. I kinda like this person but I don;t know, something is always amiss. I hate it when that happens. Hmm, alright then, let just see for how far these things will go, Im looking fowards for something good :X

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