Monday, March 22, 2010

Some fond memories.

April is near and March is on its way of ending. Still, the on going things in the life of a human being never remain constant. And so, the first holiday semester had just passed a couple of days ago. Surprisingly, there had been a lot of things going on which had surpasses my expectations. Frankly, I would've thought my holidays would turns out dull and boring but some unusual circumstances had proved me wrong. Lets just skip this part for I don't have the desire to talk about what has been going on with my life, well, at least during the holidays. Apparently, a very good friend of mine had just transferred to a boarding school. A friend whom I've never expected to get close with when I was in form 1 for the way we got to know each other was rather unusual but then, form 2 changes everything. Up until now, I'm still uncertain on how does it happen, how did we got so close back then but it just happen and I realize that it was actually a miraculous encounter. Upon knowing each other, we had shared lots of things together aside from exchanging views and perspectives on stuffs that we usually talks about and during the weekends, we hangout as the ultimate 14 years old girl who are capable of exploring this new perpetual social world which she knows a lot about more than I do. But that was back then, things changes from years to years as we're growing matured. Somehow, its less seeing and talking. Now that she has moved, everything is pretty much hard to predict. Recalling these fond memories and experiences that we had encountered together are just tremendous and had as well made me oblivious to the clock that are tickings. I got school tomorrow so most probably I should be going to bed by now. Ohh and I've never actually confess this but,  Fatheah Khalid, you are one incredibly amazing and unpredictable girl. You are a friend, and I wish you knew how much had I been missing you and our conversation together. Please live a great life out there. Good Night :)