Wednesday, June 9, 2010

2nd semester of school break, yippie!

I have not been writing anything for the longest time and the excitement of it had been left dilapidated. Even if it's coiled around such absurdity, who cares aite? So yeah, things have been great for me these day, Alhamdulillah. I love how things, environment, people has been painting my life and I think I'm back on track. For starters, I have just completed my mid-term exam which is wonderful cos I don't have to think much about it, for now. I must say, the questions were rather hard, at least for a person a like me (I'm in the average group) and ouh, lets not put our predictions on the results, I'm so hoping for the best. Okay, put all of that aside now shall we, its school break! ohh yeah! Recently, I have been getting involved in lots of activities and one of it includes, 'Speech Choir'. However, don't get too excited laughing at me, cos I've actually been kicked out, *sigh -_- . Never mind that, I'm not so sure why I've joined it in the first place anyway (actually, its for the sake of the certificate). Yeah, I've never made it at the competition as a contestant, but I've made it there as a spectator. Frankly speaking, it was hard watching these people having fun putting their energy out there on stage, giving their 100%  in everything they've been working on and it pays off when they've managed to grab the first spot which had qualified them for sectionals (third place, tough competition). Apparently, I did gained some goods out of it, and the experience is simply priceless. I've decided to move on and not to put some sort of grudge over something silly, no offense. And ouh, totally totally forgot about my birthday. So yeah, it was one fine day on May 13, 2010 and it was the most awesome birthday celebration since forever. Well, looking at it, its pretty simple on how the celebration was, but the only thing that matters is that I'm celebrating it with my classmates! I mean, they're the one who've been planning the whole thing, the cupcakes, the 'flour warfare', surprises and I only got to know them in less that a year, woaw . I must say, for the past 3 years I've been in this school, this is like one of the things that will remain in my fondest memory and what makes the memory much more fun is the part where all of us were called to the disciplinary room for the whole 'flour warfare' thing since we're having it in the class. But then, my classmates did'nt want me to be there, at the disciplinary room cos they've told me that I was all 'innocent' and that the whole 'flour warfare' was their idea. Honestly, I feel bad for not going, but I am impressed on how they acted in this kind of situation and I can't thank them more :) Moving on, 2 weeks ago, I went to Kenyir Lake with my family members. My cousins, aunties, uncles everyone was there. It was great for its my first time to do such activity with my family. Alright, at first, we needed to board a boat to get to the 'Kelah sanctuary' where they preserves 'Kelah' fish. After that, we were told to go for a little jungle trekking where there were leaches in all shapes and sizes (I was bitten, once). Wehee. Then, after having our lunch, we went to the waterfall where the water were extremely cold and everything went great! it was totally awesome. We went home all tired and happy, wohoo! Okay so, I was in KL in a few days back, spent my cash on a brand new guitar and now I'm back in Terengganu, -_- sigh. I'm not quite sure on how to spend another week here with such boredem. Hangout maybe? I don't know. Let's just see to how far will this boredem lasts, think I'll stop now. Good Day :)