Friday, November 13, 2009


 November 14th 2009, Saturday

Time ticks off quickly and before you knew it, its already Saturday. Again, as I woke up, I contemplates on things that happens. For these past couple of days, I have been sleeping and waking up late. I do not actually like the way it cycles, but get this, I cannot barely laid my eyes to rest as my thoughts had always been disturbing. I have been doing a lot of thinking and somehow I am grateful enough that I have come to my senses. I have done a lot of things wrong throughout the year and I have finally realize that its just not the way I want to live by for those things does not provide me peace. That's right, peace. Something i prefer to have at this tough time I am enduring. I want to start over, change myself and maybe someday, becoming somebody else different from who I am now. Somebody way much better that who I am ought to be now. I do not really want people to judge me the by the way I have acted before. Well, at least not anymore because I really want to change, its a new journey for me now. I am hoping for the best in my future :)


  1. lala! haha.well a great introduction.i tried.but phailed.haha.well i cant find anything in my mind.what a boringly intro.
    haha.i enjoy reading urs btw. :]

  2. haha geesh, i have no friggin follower just yet. be the first :p lols. well, thanks. Start writing yours too then, looking foward to reading yours :)