Monday, February 27, 2012

Positive thinking

Assalamulaikum, Hi.
   I'm here trying to improve certain personal things, in many ways and aspects.
To begin with, we are almost at the end of February, the second month of 2012. The past few weeks has been, I dunno, crazy, haywire, bored, fun, devastating, challenging, sad and sometimes lost. If i were to list everything that I had encountered with, its gonna be too overwhelming and I guess no one cares, right? So yeah, yesterday for instance, I went through a very heartbreaking ordeal with my JPJ test and I guess up until now, I can't stop mourning over it, not sure why. I thought of it over and over, blaming myself for I don't really know what. It just got me thinking that I was at my stupidest for expecting too much out of it, I always do, in everything. But then it got to me that, I have to accept things the way they are.
    I'm very glad, for the positive words of wisdom that I've received sincerely from my family and friends. They are the greatest support system from Allah swt and I'm very thankful that He surrounded me with this beautiful, beautiful group of people in my life. I may be one of the person who doesn't forget things easily, but predicaments were to happen for valid reasons. I didn't blame God for whatever happens to me, I thanked Him dearly for the things that had taught me, the great values of LIFE, Alhamdulillah. So my advice to those who are in search of inner peace, try asking Allah swt, pray to Him and leave your strongest faith in Him. He will always be there for you if make the effort to get closer to Him, InsyaAllah.