Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 first schooling day.

Its January the 3rd, school's reopen.

I've seen and observes multi reactions from the students that were expressed through such unexplainable expressions. Some girls started gossiping and the rest, too much to tell. As for me, my first schooling day would sounds weird because there were emotions combined inside of me and the mixture had left me feeling totally weird. Well, this morning I got up at 5.30am and was incredibly exuberant to go to school. Its been a while since I last stepped my foot to that very school, in my new pair of school uniform. So, as usual, there was an assembly held, the assembly that had left the students in a sea of chaos. Apparently, the previous school's Principal had just retired and everyone was well, cheering. That's so damn weird and insensitive. Anyway, the school's had been replaced with a new Principal and I'm hoping the previous school's system would change for better because that's what exactly the school needs. I mean, there's a lot of people disagreeing by how it works before and that they have their very own reasons stated. Well, I don't know, I figure, I should just go with everything they told me to do because school for me is almost over. I have less than 2 years of schooling and I'll be out in no time, out and soon to miss these schooling days. So anyway, I should just stick with the real story here, first schooling day, yeah. Today, I fell into a numbness situation for a few seconds. The cause of it, boredness. Sounds stupid, it is stupid. Fortunately, that didn't last long. After the recess time, the teachers entered their classes, and started the introductions for Physics and Biology. Its a huge subject for me and I'm hoping to get along well with these tough subjects which as well, includes Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and EST. Umm, I went home at 2.50pm today (pretty late for me) and that's about it. Not much. Tomorrow's going to be my second day and I'm totally looking forward to it. Good Day people :)

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