Thursday, December 1, 2011

A December's starter day.

Hello :)
So SPM is pretty much over, Alhamdulillah I can't be more thankful. I mean, it was a huge pressure going on and on for the past 10 months, preparing to face it. Sometimes, these preparations hit me with tons and tons of temptations that's been feeding my soul, decisions and sacrifices to make (though facing it was overwhelming, I'm now matured enough to decide for the best in advanced). Part of it was a whole lot of elements that sometimes left me suffocating, now that its over, I guess everyone deserves to breathe again, including me. As for the outcomes of it, I leave it to God, to decide and hopefully, I'll be as accepting as I could in my determined fate which I sure do hope for the best.
      Recently, people all around me (those who are currently SPM-free) had been talking about plans. 70% decided to take up driver's license, some other parts of it had decided on finding a job, going on holidays and vice versa. For me, I started my long-term holiday going back to be the epic potato couch I was, re-catching some tv shows that I've been missing on and I even started my new chapter of tv shows marathon yesterday,  it felt so damn good as uber freedom embraces me. But obviously, that wasn't just it, I mean I do have plans in advanced, I am one the 70% people who's about to register to get a driver's licence which happens to be a must nowadays, in this globalized era. I could also be in the group of people who's currently on job hunting, working experience could somehow be fun!
    And so, I'm not quite sure of what's coming ahead (obviously, no one does) but I think there're going to be a lot to deal with (again, obviously, you just don't deal with one thing in life, it is not always that simple), good or bad, like it or not, its the favors of life that I'm pretty much looking forward to render. I'm 17 now, within a few months from now, I'll turn 18 and yes time flies whether or not we choose to ignore it, there is no stopping time. Growing matured has its ultimate price and pretty sure there're a lot more decisions to be made  soon. So future, I'm expecting for the best and sure am preparing for the worst.
    High school life has been tremendously bitter-sweet or maybe an extra pinch of sour-tangy? So its a bitter-sweet-sour-tangy experience? I don't know, these things are for the individuals to rate. As for me, I have been dividing it into portions, of moments. I'm not looking forward to go down the memory lane either, so the goods are for the memories to be kept, the bads, well I learned and grew a lot from it so I couldn't be more appreciative of both. 11 years is a long time, that's how long I've been in school uniform and recently ended the contract to wear them via SPM. It is as well, a life-changing experience.
     I'm still in the atmosphere of asking myself, what's next? and still wondering, trying to re-evaluate things that got me thinking. Practically things like, how do I actually got here, blogging? I'm not a blogger and frankly speaking  I'm not looking forward to have collections of  followers, but for those who has been, and still are following, thank you. I write because I don't happen to have a diary to fit my whole life in. Writing is fun, expressing feelings makes everyone feels better so what's not to like about blogging right? *positive energies drawing in. I guess that's it for today, hopefully I will be keeping myself updated on writing pretty soon (a super-awesome-beneficial thing to spend my holiday with). Good day everyone :)