Friday, January 8, 2010

Saturday morning

Good Morning, Saturday :)

I woke up pretty early today(yes! another achievement for me) but as usual, I'm left with nothing much to do and for sure, I have to post something here. Alright, so I've just completed a fresh first week of schooling day, got some homeworks on new subjects and blaa.blaa.blaa. Lets skip that part. Well, school has been a great place for me these days. I got over some things and yeah, school's totally kept me busy and I'm trying to cope well with this situation. I'm almost 16 now (I'll officially be by May) and well, I'm not sure. Apparently, 16 is a big number for me (yeah, whatever). So lately, some guys kept pushing me to go on a freak diet. wtf? Its an insult for me. I know I'm chubby and all  but who cares aite? Its very special for me to look different from my friends and its a good thing actually. I did once, went on this stupid diet plan before, I was 14 back then. Eventually, I skipped my meals and feel really guilty if I ate something containing fats, I did some crunches and ouh, I lost a couple of pounds which is another achievement for me but that did'nt last long. I started thinking that why on earth should I go on diet at this very age while I'm still growing. I mean, yeah I did look great for a moment but what is so special about feeling tired when you are lacking on energy. That pretty much thought me something. So yeah, I've trained myself to eat, get back to food and I'm glad that I did it. It was'nt easy but it was'nt as hard as skipping meals. For now, when I taste food I would think back about how it was back then when I was on my diet, excruciating. Don't get me wrong here, I will get back on my diet but this time, I'll do it properly. I'll eat well, and exercise. It will takes time though because I'm not looking fowards to start now for I'm still growing and that should'nt go to waste. If I should go on diet, I would probably do it for my own goodness sake, not because someone else is asking me to. So that's it i guess, good day :)

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