Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Monday


Nothing much had been going on today. Accept for the fact that I've finally got out of the class during recess time (should've stay in the class). So anyway, everyday to me seems the same nowdays. I go through these days like watching the replay of  well, perhaps, 'the pathetic days of our lives'?. I know for sure that things are going to change in advance. Some people will be transferring to another school, some stays blaa blaa blaa. I don't think I'll be needing anymore bad things to happen to me, I had enough and Im not hoping for much more of that. So today, I as well, learn new things on some new subjects. Results, chemistry was 0_0 and physics was, well, its going to take a very long long time. By the way, some students in my class are moving into their new classes too. I did'nt get the chance to do that and I want it so bad because my current class is, well, I don't want to say it. Bottom line, it did'nt suits me well. Damn it, help me please. Let me out! I mean, its only January and nothing seems to go on well. Trust me, it is sad.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, a day.

Its Sunday,

Today totally brought me a huge unexpected surprise. Well, its actually not a good one. I was sustaining a huge devastation for a while, but I think I'm doing fine now and ouh, in addition to that, I got punished simply because I left my Agama book at home. The funny part is that the teacher has'nt give up on the 'stand on the chair' game. I just think that at the age of 16, its too childish. Really. *sigh. So today, I was brutally attacked by a stomach ache. It was incredibly excruciating and there's nothing much I can do. So yeah, I'm guessing its a doomsday for me. Apparently, all of these, is simply nothing compare to this one thing I got through. It's my first time and frankly, I don't know how to react to that. But for sure, I did, I don't really know how it happen, but I got through it. I'm accepting it as an eye-opener for me, things are'nt always beautiful as we wish for and I think, that's something I have to bare in mind. I mean, woaw! the thing was utterly painful and shocking. The worst part is, I have no one to talk to about this and perhaps, I have to get myself used to these whole situation. I've never thought of these things would happen, honestly, It never really crosses my mind. I don't want to expect for anything to happen in advance, I've done that and it did'nt work and so my choice would be to just go with the flow. No expectations on anything. That's it for today, hopefully tomorrow would bring me joy that will eliminates the pain and sadness. Good Day people :)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Saturday morning

Good Morning, Saturday :)

I woke up pretty early today(yes! another achievement for me) but as usual, I'm left with nothing much to do and for sure, I have to post something here. Alright, so I've just completed a fresh first week of schooling day, got some homeworks on new subjects and blaa.blaa.blaa. Lets skip that part. Well, school has been a great place for me these days. I got over some things and yeah, school's totally kept me busy and I'm trying to cope well with this situation. I'm almost 16 now (I'll officially be by May) and well, I'm not sure. Apparently, 16 is a big number for me (yeah, whatever). So lately, some guys kept pushing me to go on a freak diet. wtf? Its an insult for me. I know I'm chubby and all  but who cares aite? Its very special for me to look different from my friends and its a good thing actually. I did once, went on this stupid diet plan before, I was 14 back then. Eventually, I skipped my meals and feel really guilty if I ate something containing fats, I did some crunches and ouh, I lost a couple of pounds which is another achievement for me but that did'nt last long. I started thinking that why on earth should I go on diet at this very age while I'm still growing. I mean, yeah I did look great for a moment but what is so special about feeling tired when you are lacking on energy. That pretty much thought me something. So yeah, I've trained myself to eat, get back to food and I'm glad that I did it. It was'nt easy but it was'nt as hard as skipping meals. For now, when I taste food I would think back about how it was back then when I was on my diet, excruciating. Don't get me wrong here, I will get back on my diet but this time, I'll do it properly. I'll eat well, and exercise. It will takes time though because I'm not looking fowards to start now for I'm still growing and that should'nt go to waste. If I should go on diet, I would probably do it for my own goodness sake, not because someone else is asking me to. So that's it i guess, good day :)

A boring day

Helloo, So today, I did nothing fun. Yup, I went out with my family in the evening and watched my brothers playing, cheering and having fun playing the playground thing. Until one of them fell and got mud stuck all over his face, hair, tee and jeans. Good thing, he did'nt whine so I'm guessing that's a good thing(of course it is, what am i saying). Yeah, okay I was planning to go out with Tee and a couple of friends today. Unfortunately, none of them can make it so that's the exact point why today is not a fun day for me(we'll get back on this one tomorrow). Well, let me just think of something right to say, I think I've experienced something I kinda like lately. I got over some tough problems and had fun with my friends. Ouhh, I make new friends too :) So yesterday, my friends went to this big birthday bash. It's one of my girlfriend sweet 16 actually and so, everyone went and had fun. Accept for me, I did'nt go based on various personal reasons of mine. I don't ever think I'll go to anymore party after this. I started hating it now. Ouch, I know. I hate talking about party so moving on, I met this one person (let's not emphasis much on the gender), yeah, well this one person really brings back the cheer in me which I've lost for a quite a while. This one person is someone I love to have fun with, to share the laughter and sadness I guess. I kinda like this person but I don;t know, something is always amiss. I hate it when that happens. Hmm, alright then, let just see for how far these things will go, Im looking fowards for something good :X

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My 2010 first schooling day.

Its January the 3rd, school's reopen.

I've seen and observes multi reactions from the students that were expressed through such unexplainable expressions. Some girls started gossiping and the rest, too much to tell. As for me, my first schooling day would sounds weird because there were emotions combined inside of me and the mixture had left me feeling totally weird. Well, this morning I got up at 5.30am and was incredibly exuberant to go to school. Its been a while since I last stepped my foot to that very school, in my new pair of school uniform. So, as usual, there was an assembly held, the assembly that had left the students in a sea of chaos. Apparently, the previous school's Principal had just retired and everyone was well, cheering. That's so damn weird and insensitive. Anyway, the school's had been replaced with a new Principal and I'm hoping the previous school's system would change for better because that's what exactly the school needs. I mean, there's a lot of people disagreeing by how it works before and that they have their very own reasons stated. Well, I don't know, I figure, I should just go with everything they told me to do because school for me is almost over. I have less than 2 years of schooling and I'll be out in no time, out and soon to miss these schooling days. So anyway, I should just stick with the real story here, first schooling day, yeah. Today, I fell into a numbness situation for a few seconds. The cause of it, boredness. Sounds stupid, it is stupid. Fortunately, that didn't last long. After the recess time, the teachers entered their classes, and started the introductions for Physics and Biology. Its a huge subject for me and I'm hoping to get along well with these tough subjects which as well, includes Additional Mathematics, Chemistry and EST. Umm, I went home at 2.50pm today (pretty late for me) and that's about it. Not much. Tomorrow's going to be my second day and I'm totally looking forward to it. Good Day people :)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Its January the 1st of 2010,

Well, let me see. Most of us had witnessed momentious ceremonies, countdowns or whatsoever celebration that welcomes the year 2010 which replaces yesterday's 2009. Some even has started writing their own resolutions, to change themselves for better. For me, as undecisive as i am, I don't always look up for those high expectations on things even if it means to instill good morals or attitude for myself. Let me just make this way, those things are random and they will keep on changing no matter what, it's all up to us to judge our self on these littlest things. Sometimes, some facts teaches me that changes are often good but do we really have the guts to transforms our own self, who we were yesterdays to become who we are for tomorrows, to forbids our self from returning to our old habits, what we used to do or who we used to be. Changes are a big word for me to describe. A slight changes we made may lead us to a lot of new things that awaits. Some may turn our lives upside-down for a good course or perhaps, happiness but some may also causes massive destruction. The one thing that even-out the difference between the goods and the bads on this "changes" matter is that it gives us a life changing experience. Yeah, sounds huge ain't it? that's a fact I discovered. 2009 marks thousands of memories in our lives. Good or bad, its something we've experienced and sure to value in advance. I'm always hoping for the best in lives ahead, hoping to leave behind everything bad that ever happens to me. Good luck 2010!