Friday, February 12, 2010

The start of a holiday break.

Good Morning :)
Yeah, I've been an early bird these days. Okay so, Chinese New Year's holiday has finally begun(ohh yeahh) and my ultimate plan is to snooze until noon and.. ohh I have'nt thought of anything else just yet *sigh. Apparently, Tee went to Bandung, Indonesia 2 days before the holiday started(how not fair is that). Great. On Sunday, Kay will follow and as usual, I'll be stuck here. But I'm glad though cos Tee told me that Godeng is coming back and we're going to hangout soon(yippie!). Actually, its been a while since my last hangout with these people and I'm so looking forward to it. hmm. Moving on, the Chinese New Year is tomorrow and Lynn had invited me to her open house at 2. I'm not really sure weather I can make it or not cos, 1. I ain't going alone, 2. Transportation has always been my essential problem.*double sigh. Oh well, screw that. I'm not staying here for long. Ill be going somewhere, somehow. My counsin's getting engaged and for sure, homeworks are piling up like crazy(as if i've ever complete it). Damn, I'm not so sure what I'm writing much  about right now. Eventually, I got nothing in mind like seriously. I think I gotta stop now. I'll write back when I have something or whatever. Good day. 

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