Sunday, February 28, 2010

A visit.

So yesterday my first visit to the old folks home was quite amazing. It does'nt actually reach my expectation on how it's going to be like, I mean, its far different. The visit and shopping was conducted by the Rotary Club of Kuala Terengganu and its a joint project between SMKCHWS and SMKSS. I did'nt have much of a conversation with the old folks, but I manage to learn a couple of stories about them. At first, we went to the house and take a look around just to get to know the place and the people there before we went shopping. After that, we boarded the bus and head to our destination, Mydin Mall. When we reached there, we were separated in groups. Each group consist of two people and a folk. Our task that day is to assist the folks during shopping and some part of it is to cheer them up. So yeah, as easy as it look, it is actually quite a challenge for us especially to communicate with them as some of them can't barely speak well. The shopping took an estimation two and a half hours which is no that long. Soon after that, we head back to the old folks house and had our lunch there. After everything was settled, we boarded the bus and head back to school. But there was this one shocking incident that had made the visit much more memorable, an old lady tried to escape but to no avail as one of my schoolmate managed to stop her. It is learn that the old lady had been sent there for the past three days and that she can't actually adapt herself to the surrounding just yet, poor lady. So yeahh, all said and done, everything had been a remarkable experience for me and I wish to gain more in the future. Good night :)

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