Friday, February 26, 2010

After the short break.

Right. for this time, Godeng's the one who's asking me to continue writing. && its Godeng. NOT tee or whoever. weird I know. Whatever then. So okay, holiday. Woaw, the whole week I've spent was absolutely fine and simple. I'm pretty glad that nothing much had brought me down during those days. Cool. And ouh, the engagement was pretty.. well, its too complex to explain. Lots of things had been going on there and the best part, hot dudes. Ohh yeahh! I would say, the most unfortunate thing that had happen to me there is the part where my ultimate flats screws itself and that Ive to rip off the base. So you get the point, my flats were base-less the whole night. Nice -,- Moving on, school's has been great lately. My classmates are just incredible and aside from their friendly-ness, they've cheered me up a lot. I can't describe for how crazy this thing is, but I'm totally thankful of it, that I can actually laugh the way I used to. I must admit, I do miss my girlfriends at times. I mean, zero hangout and less talking is not the thing I've wished for to happen. I do very much understand their hectic schedule and the things they're involve in. Sometimes, I just feel like the gap between us is getting wider and wider. Frankly, I'm not trying to point my finger blaming them for this. Ive made mistakes of my own and as much as I'm trying to patch things up, I can't really push anyone to overcome these matter in an instant. There are ways to solve things and one of they ways is to stay patient and just do what you do which is what I'm doing now. I will put myself in a very deep self-control and being very very patient in facing the hardships ahead. Just go with the flow. One thing I'm glad of is that Ive been getting new friends and I love the fact that they're really really nice to me. Well, the thing I'm not so glad of is that my studies are getting worst. Add math, history and chemistry = total bullshit and ouh, I forgot one more thing, I have to do some visiting at the old folks tomorrow. Its my first visit and Ill try to make an experience out of it. I better stop now. I got too much of mosquitoes bite everywhere. Goodnight.

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