Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello, february

Recently, Tee actually asked me to get my fingers moving and continue with this blogging thing. I'm kinda surprised that she actually got updated on my blog because i don't think anyone does. LOL. (thanks tee, you're the best). Okay, lets just start. Its already February and frankly January's days passes me too fast. Too fast that I can't even recall much of what had happen before. Gee, umm me and my friends, we're on the okay term. Apparently, we did'nt fought which is a very good thing and even if we're no longer that close, I'm thankful enough that we did'nt actually fall apart. I think I've done my best in reconstructing my own self damage, Ive done a lot to overcome my paranoia in most everything and I'm trying to avoid myself from causing more damage. I've made new friends in my current class which is eventually a great thing now that I feel simply, different. For the past three years, Ive been with these incredible people and having new friends is just great. I mean, really really great and of course, 4 Dinamik is not as bad as i thought it would be. Besides that, I think I like EST. Other subjects is kinda heavy right now, but I'm trying to cope with it, except for additional mathematics. Damn it's hard. Alright, enough of that. So, some of my friends had moved everywhere. Some is moving, and I'm pretty stuck in here -_- right. At first, Godeng and Amad moved, Negeri Sembilan. Then, Rushdee and Piqa follows but heading towards their very own destination. Well, Nasrul Amir's the first to move actually, never mind that. Right now, Tee's in the moving process. *sigh. Moving on, we're having a holiday break for a week which is a week from now. I have'nt plan much on what to have or how to spend my holiday just yet, but for sure, there'll be tons of papersheets and homeworks awaits. Nice, now I don't see the purpose of 'having' the holiday. Grr-ate. So yeah, there's actually a lot going on, but I can't racked my mind to think of much anything right now. Here are a few things i did with my friends, we went baking, cross-country um well, I'll get back to this one. That's it guess, I'll stop for now. Good day people :)  


 double nyumm.

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