Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey, once again, I'm being an early bird today. Yeay! Anyway, I'm just feeling like posting something up as I'm in a quite jumpy mood at the moment. Okay, let me start off with something. A few couple of days ago, my mom asked me and my other siblings to go this one wedding (a friend of her's for sure) and of course, we all went there. I did'nt really mind going as I don't have anything much to do at home after the big exam passed (well, apart from the fact that I actually love wedding, so yeah, I don't mind). At first, we went to pick up my big sister at her school (SPM thing going on) and head straight to our destination. On our way there, we had trouble finding the right house as my mom forgot to bring the wedding card (consisting the map of the house) and so my mom called her friend (not the one who's getting married of course. It'd be embarrassing). Then, after a few turns to some unfamiliar street and with the help of a very helpful navigator, we found the right house. I must admit, I can't really put the blame on my mom though, the streets were quite complecated. So as the story goes, we did what the typical Malay people do, on a typical Malay people's wedding. We had a plate of 'nasi minyak' and a glass of syrup or tea for each of us. Afterward, we went inside the house to meet with the bride and here's the best-surprising-unexpected part. Apparently, the one who got married turns out to be my science teacher when I was in form 2 (we called her teacher Amani) and she was the best science teacher I've ever had so far. Well, she teaches me for just a couple of months (she was a practical teacher) and she graduates, then transfers to my mom's school (I had no idea at all). I've never seen her after that. For sure, both of us were surprised and in shocked of the unexpected coincidence (my mom too of course). We did'nt talk much though, it was too awkward for me to start off a conversation with her on the exact moment. She did asked me about my PMR, and I told her it was hard (it was, really), she smiled and that's the end of our not-so-formal conversation. At last, my mom, me and my other siblings shake hands with her and we took off. It was, well, actually a little something for me as I've never expected things like this to just happen. I told my mom everything about her and it was a great thing to witness this sort of coincidence myself.

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