Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little Something Something

Umm well, its already Friday on the 4th of December and once again, I could'nt sleep. Woaw, that's pretty tough for me as I'll be suffering from sleep deprivation sooner or later if these things keep on going. That's alright. I have tons in mind to eventually express here. A lot to share, a lot to let go. How is it possible to find an easy solutions to all these? Is it soothing music? or or, movies? (nope, you're not going to solve that by watching anything alone) perhaps, just bare everything in your mind, what's in your head should just..break free? Contemplates. A word, an unseen form of action that happens to progress in our everyday life. without us knowing it. or even aware to the presents of it. tricky huh. For some reasons, it did'nt actually happens to all of us. Certain people, sure. I mean, those who place lots of things in mind. concealed things. Apparently, not 100% humans can bare with too many thoughts in mind. They ignored some part of it. or maybe, the entire part of it. Well, obviously, none of these things I'm talking about has that scientific thing proven. Its somehow, based on my own personal observation. I see lots of things. I put a thought or two into it, watching, observing people's action or habits. I don't really see myself as a weird-psycho-freak who observes people for nothing. I did it for the sake of my own curiosity for all i know is, everyone is pretty much different and that differences must have been something, well logical, something interesting to know. So that's just some purpose of doing it. I do things normal people do, but sometimes, maybe sometimes i do it differently. I think differently, I sometimes gives a different reaction to a person which is actually the other way around from what's inside of me, my personal thoughts that I kept to myself. I know these whole thing is rubbish and all boring for some people to laid eyes on or even interprets. But like I say, writing is part of me. So if you should be bored at these, I'm the one to blame and I would'nt mind an inch as I enjoy myself at all these. expressing things in words, writing.

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