Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Fresh Start

Hello and greetings, This is my first tryout on blog writings. As a start, let me just say, there's a lot in mind that i want to expressed in a way that I could. Certain things are meant to be share, certain does not. Well, as my journey starts on writing, I would gladly say that every each word that I'm painting is purely came from the thing I have myself experienced. I don't really have the interest on making up stories because I don' really see myself that way and for sure the writing is not going to be real. More likely to be, FAKE. Wow, harsh word ain't it.Well, actually i don't actually think that making up stories is a wrong thing. I mean, me, myself do write stories that could eventually open up to my imaginations. There you go, Im crapping, again, like i always do. Alright, so hopefully the things that I'm about to share does not touch the sensibility of the authorities based on race, culture or anything that is possible. I'm going to start off with my new blog, so hopefully you guys enjoy reading and do get updated on my every post. Thanks :)

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