Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadhan in Beting!

Good Morning and happy sahur-ing! (well its already wayy past imsak, but yeah wtv)

Its the 5th of August, we're reaching the third week of Ramadhan, insyaAllah. I've just had my sahur with 'Iqasatu'(we have 2 Iqas in the house, so 'iqasatu' & 'iqadua', lol) a housemate, the only one that's left here in Beting, for the weekend (well every weekends), others though (yes you guys, Ira & Fatin) are lucky enough to go home, and spend the Ramadhan with loved ones :')

So yeah, 'Beting', has anybody ever heard of the place? 
If you ask me over a month ago, the answer would be 'No'. But looking at it now, I've not been going anywhere since I first got here, and it has been a bitter-sweet experience, it is after all my first Ramadhan spent, hundreds of kilometers away from home. Beting is located somewhere in Nogori, and that is all I can tell at the moment ;)

Anyways, me and Iqasatu went for a journey of **km , heading for Seremban, it was helluva ride, but trust me, I've gone through worst, 2 weeks before. It.was.'hardcore'-.- and so, we went with Syamil as well who leads us all the way to 'JayJay' *short for JayaJusco haha*
the initial plan was that, the 3 of us are gonna shop for our upcoming Hari Raya,
which marks the first year of me, shopping on my own *well, technically with friends, but heck the independent-cy is there :p but then, Syamil dominated the time and it seriously felt like I was in my sisters shoes, who waited for me to shop every single time we went shopping LOL.

Going back, goshh the hardest task of the day. I wish we could just stay there, overnight or something, it was extremely exhausting. By the time Iqasatu and I reached our apartment, it was already the time to break the fast,
I was thankful enough that we didn't have to do that in the taxi o.O
but then all and all, it was an experience for the both of us, at least for now I know we didn't have to travel all the way to KL, since Seremban is providing us with the easier path, Alhamdulillah :')
We 'passed out' early, last night. The exhaustion was super overwhelming to cope with, and so sleep is the better and only option for us ;)

I guess that's it for today,
Happy completing the remaining 2 weeks of Ramadhan everyone!

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