Sunday, December 12, 2010


Well, its actually 'December' with the wrongest spelling. Good Morning and Hi.

Recently, I've posted something I've kept to myself for long and the result, MAJOR heartbreak. So this is a very good advice to spread. Don't keep these kind of things to yourself because if you're not strong enough, you could end up being very vulnerable, just like me. And if only you had shared it before with someone you trust, the fact would be different. I mean, it should hurt less since you have someone to confide in and the result, well LESS grieve stricken for sure. But that's a different story, what I really want to convey here is, for the moment, I'm glad to say that I've moved on. I'm not pretty sure about next year, but hey, time would heal things and I solely believe in that.

      So yeah, some lucky people had read the 'thing' I've posted, clearly weeks ago (probably had it removed by now). It was a very long writing, well the longest I've written so far I guess and what I've got to say is, thank you. For the feedback and advices. I must admit, that was by far, the strangest thing I did in my writings. Preferably, blog writings. Though there is nothing wrong about that, it somehow did sounds a little 'abusive'. Needless to say, it was the result of being in a massive heartbreak and for not trusting people to open up these things. I've learned valuable lessons in dealing with both, an unexpected heartbreak and trusting people with your problems and when I mentioned 'dealing' surely does meant that I've dealt with it. Well, remnants of it.

        Lets just leave that behind. In fact, lets just leave all of the bad things you've dealt with far far behind for you've learned and gained more once you've experienced it firsthand. Don't assume mistakes as a bad element that resurface in your life. Its there for a reason. A very valid reason.  It makes you a stronger person. A tough person who could render through the worst tornado. Cliche'? yeah, noticed that too. As cheesy as it sounds, you can't deny living facts. You go by its rules, you live by it.

        Alright now, 2010's coming to an end, there are a lot to look at , a lot to reminisce, a lot to treasure, a lot to keep and a lot to let go. I believe that we had rendered difficult journeys and beat the odds in our lives that are sometimes hard to decipher, translate and to understand but it transform us into a different person, day by day, experience by experience. We never know what will lies ahead, for a future had been written and stored for us.  

Good Luck, in dealing with the unexpected.


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