Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Secret's Out!

Hello, weehee.

I gotta say, today is a bless for I've finally opened up to a friend about this thing I've kept to myself for way to long. And I meant wayy wayy to long. It wasn't that hard after all. Well, not really.

The 'incident' occurred when were talking and chit chatting while waiting (geesh, that somehow rhymes. In a not so familiar way) for our additional mathematics class. I somehow had that sudden urge to just open up to her, I don't know where that 'urge' really resurfaced from, it just did. Odd enough. So yeah, at first it was really really hard. I was laughing and giggling and shaking(shaking?) the whole time. I told her " Omg Tee, I'm soo scared. I've never told anyone just yet. Like ever." and she was like "Alah, bagitau jelah. You've been keeping this for too long." and then, I've decided to use the safest way which is... to let her guess. That works though, she somehow had suspected it for too long (shame on me, I was trying hard to conceal it from people) and I'm super glad that the thing I was uttering is indeed, understandable. Well, at least to her. For now, I've once again really really had learn my lesson. No matter how bad it is, you gotta have faith on your friend. I had mine and the time was perfect, I couldn't be more thankful. I gotta tell you, it feels soo good and looking back at these things later, you're gonna appreciate it more. I know I will :D

So my credits are reserves for you Tee, thanks for listening.

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